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kiss it better

Simple ingredients for an exceptional home


Popular Acronym – Keep It Simple


Exceptional Teams in 1 new company. Design by Adrian James Architects | Delivery by Trunk Low Energy Building | Quality by WARM Low Energy Building


Multi award winning design


Building types – 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bed


Configurable elements incl. external finish | internal layouts and kitchen


International gold standard building method – Passivhaus (certifiable as standard)


Seductive and sustainable building material – CLT


Kiss house – an exemplar turnkey home of unparalleled quality, configured for you!


  • Best of Houzz – Design 2017 (20 million subscribers)
  • RIBA South Sustainability Award 2016
  • RIBA South Award 2016
  • Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2015 –
    The Best House in the UK up to 2,500 sq.ft.


  • Members of the Passivhaus Trust
  • Certified Passivhaus Tradespeople
  • Certified Passivhaus Designers

Carli Jordan

This isolated section of abbey ruins is surrounded by glass and concrete office space. The mixed palette and apparently random arrangement of materials exudes warmth, depth, strength and character and really appeals to me.
It echoes the past in a place with too few traces of its history and makes me feel rooted. Carli

Adrian James

I love this acoustic wallpaper. A perfect mash-up of function, material, fabrication, repetition, tactility, warmth, dramatic shadows – and a healthy dollop of pure zing. It doesn’t have to be mustard yellow but golly it’s good that it is. Who cares that it steals the show in selfies. Adrian

Sally Godber

I chose the simplest surface I could find; for me it’s what’s behind that counts. This wall is part of a Passivhaus, although you’d never know it by looking at it. To know you'd have to go inside, sit down and experience the calm grounding it brings (and I have 2 kids so I need a lot of grounding!). This exquisite comfort whilst also knowing I’m treading lightly on the world is what sold Passivhaus to me, and I’m never going back! Sally

Ryan Taylor

The elevation of this minimalist pavilion is exquisite. Oak panels form a continuous ribbon with subtle joints and fixings masking any clutter; this focuses the mind on the big, important stuff; the experience of the space.

Mike Jacob

Mike Roe

I’m standing in front of the lovely stone walls of the Royal William Yard in Plymouth. Its 150 years old and will be here for others to use and enjoy for many years to come. It’s inspiring to think of those who design and built it left something which is still useful and beautify today. Mike

Noel Anderson

Behind this wooden door is the Serpentine, the woodland of Hyde Park and the City of London.

I love this sprawling oasis slap bang in the middle of one of the largest urban environments on the planet. Passivhaus is to housebuilding what the great parks are to our cities - greener, natural and more relaxing.


Ruby Narbrough

I’m partial to a stone wall. Particularly an unruly one providing home to lichen, moss, ivy and so many other wild plants. In my opinion the best are to be found in the West Country, preferably beaten by wind and sea mist. They remind me of Cornwall, the place that owns my heart. Ruby

Elrond Burrell

I love how clay bricks age - gracefully and without pretension - provided the correct mortar is used. These particular bricks are on the Wellington Harbour Board Wharf Office Building (NZ) built in 1891. They carry the marks and scars of 120 years of history and harsh harbour-side weather. I also admire how each brick has a unique character and yet together they create a much bigger harmonious texture and presence. In my opinion, these qualities can be seen in good architecture too. Elrond