“How much does it cost?”

Is the big question on everyone’s lips.


We’ve spent years designing and building one-off houses, plus a considerable period of time developing the Kiss House model.  We’ve invested (and continue to invest) blood sweat and tears getting the design right so it contains the essence of Sandpath, and is also certifiable as a Passivhaus.  This means you get that quality as standard / with no mark-up and without the added expense of consultancy fees, as that is our investment.

Since launching Kiss House we have received an extraordinary number of messages.  Your messages have been wonderfully positive and inquisitive, with many kind and supportive sentiments.  We truly appreciate this.  Kiss House customers fall into three broad categories, ALL crave a high quality design with guaranteed performance without the pain of a bespoke prototype / one-off house build (we have an interesting post on Self-build, Custom-build v’s a Kiss House here.)

  • Overseas customers from North / South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Africa, Japan, Singapore, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and more growing by the day.
  • UK ‘one-off’ customers.
  • Commercial and not for profit developer customers.

We were working with a small group of UK customers, and we always envisaged fulfilling orders anywhere in the world – it’s the sheer volume of response that has exceeded our expectations such that it’s necessary to revisit elements of our plan.  This is ultimately good news for all Kiss House customers because the increased volume means better economies of scale and better prices across the board.

So back to the question on everyone’s lips:

“How much does it cost?”

Well, it is not surprising that we are asked this more than anything else.  It is a perfectly reasonable enquiry, so here is our unadulterated position on the matter for all those itching to know!

1: There will be different price points:

Export v’s greater volume v’s UK ‘one-off’ customers for example.

We have the manufacturing capability to pre-fab and ship anywhere in the world now! We have a growing list of known and trusted reps in key areas (North America, Southern Hemisphere and parts of Europe) and we will be able to fulfil orders in certain key locations in the very near future, with others following close behind.

Where you live is key – most overseas Kiss Houses will be shell only.


Irrespective of the different types of customer all will benefit from a product, which has been optimised for design, performance and rapid erection time.  Our expectation is that we will still be positioned locally (i.e. in your country) as ‘high quality–mid-range price’ as we are in the UK.

So, as you all like the look of Kiss what needs to happen next is the one-to-one dialogue with a member of our team to configure Kiss House to suit your specific taste and requirements in order that we can start building for you.

NOTE ON PRICE / POSITIONING – Our driving ambition is to offer an accessible, exemplar housing model. Building one-off houses has been great and it’s often these projects that pave the way for improved standards more generally (there have certainly been many private individuals who have adopted Passivhaus before it was more widely known), however they are often out of reach for ‘regular people’. People like us who want quality and great design, at the right price – not the cheapest price but a price that is fair. Kiss House is privately owned by us and we aspire to a partnership business model which guarantees fair pricing to customers and equity amongst employees – there are after all many ways to tread lightly in the world and we want to practice what we preach in all that we do.

2: There is no single ‘cost’ to dish out:

We think most people get this, which is why the vast majority request feedback on ‘ball-park’ or ‘entry level’ costs.  This is fine and we can do this – in fact anyone who has read the recent New Atlas blog will see that we were brave (or stupid) enough to suggest to the world what the UK cost might be as a guide: Two thousand pounds per square metre (for a full-turnkey / ready to move into Kiss House).

This might have frightened some people off – but we made a calculated decision in communicating that particular figure.  The reality is that the UK model for a one-off customer could span a range of costs from:

  • Shell only Passivhaus (empty inside ready for you to fit) between £1k to £1.5k/m2
  • Turnkey Kiss House (finished ready to move into) between £1.8k – £3k/m2 – this is entirely dependent on customer specification

It is all down to the detail.  We offer price certainty and curated choice (to counter the previously mentioned pain of bespoke prototype housing) there are of-course options.

Your choices / specification dictates final cost.

This positions Kiss in the UK as a very high quality product at a mid-range price, which can’t be a bad thing can it?  This is our positioning worldwide with each territory having it’s own set of considerations, which is why you really should talk to us on an individual basis, contact us here to do so.

For those who think they can build an equivalent one-off house for less – we sincerely wish you well on your journey. We have successfully delivered enough projects over the years to have absolute confidence in our price and positioning.  There are no hidden extras or nasty surprises with Kiss and many ‘costs / fees’ that you will incur with one-off builds do not apply with Kiss because it is designed, modelled, detailed, tested and has had some of the best brains in the business work on getting it right – upfront and in advance of you choosing it, plus of course once your Kiss House is specified we give you a fixed price.

3: There are things beyond our (and your) control:

We are beholden to the vagaries of shipping costs, tariffs, customs etc etc, that will impact on price and timescale.  We will naturally endeavour to navigate these in the most efficient way possible.

4: Our ambition re pricing is for clear, simple and instant pricing online:

We are working hard in the background on presenting Kiss in such a way that you can configure online and receive instant cost feedback.  All we can say to you now is thank you for showing genuine interest and support for what we are doing.


This ‘message to all’ is really to lift the lid a little and further develop our relationship. We are working on orders for manufacture and shipping to a wide variety of locations now. We are working very hard to provide meaningful and personal responses to the huge number of responses that we are very grateful to have received. THANK YOU!

More soon!

With best wishes


Mike Jacob, Kiss House Founder & Director