We are thrilled to announce that ‘Incurvo’, the exceptional project on which the Kiss House founders – Adrian James (Adrian James Architects) and Mike Jacob (CLT / Trunk Low Energy Building) met, has won two RIBA Awards.

Incurvo won both the RIBA South Award and the RIBA South Sustainability Award and now goes on to the national RIBA finals.  Winning these two prestigious awards is a remarkable achievement at any time, it happening now just as our founders Mike and Adrian launch Kiss house lends it a wonderful feeling of synchronicity!

Mike and Adrian met in 2013 when Mike was asked to project manage Incurvo by the clients who commissioned the house and had been working on the design with Adrian for two years.  This has since proved a remarkably fortuitous meeting having resulted in both the successful completion of the award winning Incurvo project, plus the meeting of like-minds who are now starting an entirely new venture in Kiss house.

“There is a remarkable feeling of synchronicity in this story and the way Kiss house has evolved,” said Mike.  “Not only did we meet on Incurvo which has won the two RIBA awards just as we launch Kiss house, but Kiss is itself partly the result of Adrian winning the same double at the RIBA South Awards last year.”

“Impressively Adrian won two RIBA awards in 2016 for Sandpath, another self-build house project.  Sandpath won more awards to boot, including the Best House in the UK up to 2,500 sq.ft. at the Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2015, and was recently awarded a Best of Houzz Design Award 2017”, continued Mike.

Mike explained that “the Sandpath design (below) has somehow captured people’s imagination – since completion people from all over the world have made contact.  For some time Adrian and I had discussed our mutual desire to deliver an exemplar repeatable housing model, our key criteria being exemplary design, delivery and quality assurance.”

“We’ve taken our design direction from Sandpath, we’ve joined forces with WARM the UK’s preeminent Passivhaus certifier and have committed to both Passivhaus (as the international gold standard of building) and CLT (as a phenomenal building material).   Kiss house is the result.”

Now it’s over to Kiss house to carry the baton forward and who knows where it will lead, what we do know is that it’s a very exciting time.”

Best wishes from

The Kiss Team

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